Tutorial (PDF)


GeneNotes FireFox Extension

GeneNotes extension is a gene-oriented tool and is developed to help biologists collect and manage a variety of biological information as notes from the Internet. It greatly helps biologists during the decision making processes in large-scale functional genomics studies.

Users can organize hits (genes) identified in their experiments into lists, which can be loaded into GeneNotes. GeneNotes will automatically retrieve the up-to-date gene annotation information from our server. Users can now surf the Internet in a gene-centric mode. Web content can be captured as notes and linked to either genes or the whole project. GeneNotes provides interfaces for users to browse and edit notes. Your notes are stored locally on your computer and can be accessed even you are off-line.

An example workspace is provided for your convenient in learning the tutorial.

Download GeneNotes and example workspace from here.

Click the tutorial links in the left sidebar to learn how to install and use GeneNotes.

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